Design sprint.

One week, well spent.

Usain Bolt is a sprinter – he gets from A to B quicker than anyone else in the world. The same applies to a design sprint: in just a week, we brainstorm ideas, give and receive feedback, and test a prototype of a new project.

By getting everyone involved in the same room, that one week gives us more to work with than six months of emails. It allows us to get insights from users before spending time and money going down a path that might not be the right one. And not only is it fast, focused and efficient – it’s also fun and creative.

RUBICON's team participating in a design sprint with their client.

Whether you’re trying to launch a new product within an existing company, or you’re a start-up wanting to test an idea quickly, a design sprint is a great way to get input and make decisions. Here’s what a sprint week might look like:

  • Monday – Analyze the problem and decide which part of it to tackle during the sprint.
  • Tuesday – Sketch out various ideas to solve it.
  • Wednesday – Pick the winning idea and create a storyboard.
  • Thursday – Develop a working prototype.
  • Friday – Test the prototype on real end-users.

After just one week, you’ll have everything you need to make the best possible start to your project.


RUBICON did a fantastic job running the design sprint, and are true creative thinkers. They not only have the experience and knowledge but also bring a wealth of technical expertise to the table, making the process extremely efficient for us.

Ingmar van Maurik
Ingmar van Maurik
from Making Moves B.V.
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