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An iOS and Android Mobile App for a Mental Health Firm

“RUBICON is flexible and exhibits a passion for technology. They successfully delivered a viable application that has received positive feedback from its early users. They leverage a well-rounded project management approach and they have committed staff to ensure expectations are met. Tremendous value is offered for the price point.”


The Client - Goh Group

Goh Group is a mental health and addiction startup with “a mission to reduce the devastating global burden of substance use disorders affecting individuals, families, communities and societies.”

GOH Group decided to create an innovative app in order to reach their goals and better the lives of individuals suffering from addiction.

The Opportunity

GOH Group approached RUBICON to develop a functional and secure mobile application called LetGOH-Addiction Recovery that would help users get rid of their addictive habits.

What is LetGOH - Addiction Recovery?

LetGOH - Addiction Recovery is a mobile application that assists and supports users helping them overcome their addiction. Any type of addiction can be monitored on the app such as alcohol, narcotics, gambling, and more. The focus of the app is for users to track their monthly recovery journey using a 12-step recovery process.

The main features of the mobile app are:

  • Sponsorship between individuals - Users are able to add a sponsor that will help motivate them while tracking their activity.
  • Inventory Tools - Users are able to manage a spot check, nightly inventory, daily journal, and a well-being index.
  • Meditations
  • Prayers and affirmations
  • A 4-Digit Pin - Users are able to set up a 4-digit pin that will be used to access the information on the app and keep their personal information private. 
  • Push notifications

The app is free for download but purchasing a premium package will allow users to enjoy additional benefits. It is available for download on both iOS and Android in multiple languages.

The Development Process

The client came to RUBICON with their idea and a blueprint containing specific features for the mobile app. RUBICON translated GOH Group’s requirements into a wireframe design, a user-friendly UX design, and a prototype of the app before moving onto the development process. RUBICON took on the responsibility to develop LetGOH from the backend of the app to the UX/UI design.

The hybrid mobile application was developed using the cross-platform React Native framework. Agile practices were integrated over the six-month development process, specifically following the Scrum method. The Scrum team consisted of two software engineers, a UX/UI designer, and a Scrum Master.

The development process was broken down into two-week sprints where at the end of each sprint the development team would conduct a demo showcasing their progress by presenting the new features to the client. Throughout the process, continuous integration and deployment played a large role where after each sprint the client always received a release version of the application. This gave the client the opportunity to present any feedback and ensure that the app development was going in the right direction. Afterward, the development team would hold sprint retrospective and planning meetings organizing the next steps of the development process.

After six months of building a functional and quality mobile application and constantly adding new features, the client was happy with the app and ready to share it with users. LetGOH was then released to the app stores.

“Everything was quite streamlined. They presented us with a detailed project plan and expectations for each sprint. We held weekly sprint meetings and then a demo at the end of every week. They graciously accommodated our requested changes and they made good use of their project management tools. RUBICON was much better than other companies I’ve worked with in terms of quality and speed.”



During the development process, RUBICON’s software development team encountered a number of challenges before releasing the ideal app.

Pairing up sponsors and sponsees
The software development team needed to implement an efficient method for pairing sponsors with their sponsees. They chose to define a unique ID code for users to send to other users in order to become a sponsor/sponsee. Once connected, sponsors could track and motivate their sponsees helping them overcome their addiction.

Privacy protection
Users needed to feel safe and comfortable inputting private information onto the mobile app. To ensure privacy, the ability to add a 4- digit pin code to access the mobile app was added as a feature. In addition, database rules were provided to protect all of the information within the app.

In-App purchases
A cross-platform solution needed to be created to allow in app-purchases both on the iTunes store for iOS and Google Play for Android so all users could enjoy the premium features the app has to offer.


From the backend to the UX/UI design, RUBICON created the mobile application LetGOH - Addiction Recovery helping users overcome their addiction by navigating a 12-step process all on one app. With many exciting features and the ability to sponsor and be sponsored, users could comfortably and privately manage their addiction. GOH Group successfully achieved its goal by helping people overcome their addictions through technology. RUBICON exceeded expectations by developing an app that is functional, safe, and effective for users to use today.

Update June 2020: LetGOH has ranked as one of the best addiction recovery apps, you can check it out here.

Technology Stack

  • React Native
  • NativeBase
  • React Navigation
  • Mobx-state-tree
  • React-native-firebase
  • Yarn
  • Jest
  • React-Native-Vector-Icons
  • Typescript
  • Fastlane

Project Screenshots

Three iPhones displaying LetGOH's mobile application.

About the Client

GOH Group stands with a mission to “reduce the devastating global burden of substance use disorders affecting individuals, families, communities, and society.” Their main objective is to deliver innovative, fully digitalized Cloud-based IT solutions in order to increase the quality of life for individuals. 


Company Name: GOH Group
Region: Stockholm, Sweden
Industry: Healthcare
Project Duration: June-November 2018
Project: Mobile development & UX/UI

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