UX and UI design

Designing for the user.

First impressions matter. You can develop the most innovative functionality in the online universe, but if it doesn’t look good and work intuitively, no one’s going to use it.

These days, it’s not only the technical types who are making the most of apps and online services – everyone from your daughter to your granddad is using them. You need to anticipate their needs – both visually and functionally – so that they’re getting the best user experience.

UX designers working together to plan and draw the design of a mobile app.

Our UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) designers are skilled in turning your product into something that your customers not only use, but love to use. Designing for the end-user is an iterative process, which would generally include many of the following steps:

  • Design sprint – A one-week workshop that allows you to ask business-critical questions and test the solutions on real users. Read more about design sprints.
  • Research – Competitive analysis, identifying best practices, prototyping, conducting use cases, usability testing, and interviewing users.
  • Style guide – Establishing and agreeing a set of design principles.
  • Design build – Building on the design of the product through constant communication between our developers and client.
  • Testing – Conducting usability tests on real end-users.
  • Iteration – Constant improvement to tweak the end product to perfection.

RUBICON's input on the UX/UI developments on our platform was outstanding. For what essentially was a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time, they delivered everything we asked for.

Daniël Funcke
Daniël Funcke
from Assessment Training
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