Mobile Application Development

The future belongs to mobile apps.

Our talented team of software engineers can grow your business by delivering the ultimate mobile app that you’ve envisioned. With over ten years of experience in mobile development, using an Agile approach, we’ve crafted functional, user-friendly, and unique apps bringing customers closer to their business goals across many diverse industries worldwide.

Using our distinguished software development, UX/UI, and business expertise, we can help you build the ideal custom mobile app for your customers. Our team is always up for a challenge and ready to dive deep down into your business to explore your market needs and come up with the best possible software solution for you.

From pet health care apps to audio music apps, we’ve successfully launched aesthetic and functional products into their consumer markets. Using the latest and up-to-date technology, our apps produce the utmost results.

Deciding whether to build an Android or iOS? We’re experts in both operating systems so the choice is up to you. Want both? No problem, we’ll build you a cross-functional app that will seamlessly work across all platforms.

iOS Development

Since the release of the iOS4, our experienced team of developers has been developing engaging and aesthetic iOS apps adaptable across all Apple products.

By carefully following Apple Design and Development Guidelines and writing code in both Objective C and Swift, we ensure our iOS apps are stable and that our clients receive a reliable mobile app before it successfully makes its way to the Apple Store.

Our iOS apps are built to be aesthetically pleasing and functional on all popular Apple products, from iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches - we’re ready for it all.

To learn more about our experiences, read our blogs here, or check out some cool projects we’ve worked on here.

Android Development

With Android holding the smartphone market share in the world an Android app might be the answer for your business and consumers.

Our innovative and high-performing Android apps thrive in the Google Play store. Our apps are coded by our rockstar developers using Java and Kotlin. We create products that are secure, stable, and sustainable.

Android being an open-source platform makes it dynamic for development and allows our team to make various modifications to meet your specific business needs, so feel free to challenge us by giving us your creative requests. We love having fun with Android!

We encourage you to learn more by checking out our Android blogs and case studies.

Cross-Platform Development

With the latest cross-platform technology available for use, you shouldn’t have to make any tough decisions when it comes to choosing Android or iOS. We are happy to build you a cross-platform solution that will universally work and look the same across all platforms with maximum efficiency and speed.

Mobile App Technology

Our technology stack is diverse and contemporary. We’re always in the loop when it comes to the latest technology and we love playing around and testing. But of course, we also have our own list of favourites. Some technology we enjoy building your mobile apps with are:

  • Swift / Objective C
  • Kotlin / Java
  • Flutter / Dart
  • React-Native / TypeScript
  • Reactive programming (RxSwift, RxJava, RxDart, RxJS)
  • ARKit, ARCore
  • Dependency injection
  • Clean Architecture
  • Firebase analytics
  • Dependency management (cocoapods, gradle, pub, npm)
  • Fastlane
  • CI/CD Services (bitrise)

Delivering to the Market

Once we’ve developed your secure and scalable app, we’ll launch it on the Apple App store and/or Google Play Store. Once the app is up and running, the intellectual property rights will be transferred straight to you.

Our services don’t end here! Our team will be happy to offer your business ongoing support to ensure that all users are happy using the mobile app!

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