Lean Inception

Let’s bring your ideas to reality with another one of our hands-on and collaborative workshops: Lean Inception. 

Give yourself five workdays to collaborate with our team in order to build the MVP product for your business. All thanks to the lean inception workshop, by day five you’ll have an MVP with clear guidelines.

What is Lean Inception?

Lean Inception is a framework designed by Paulo Caroli. It’s a five-day workshop that outlines a series of MVPs to help define and understand the MVP product allowing businesses to decide whether to go forward with product development at the end of the workshop.

The inception is lean because it only lasts five days and focuses on the product itself removing all of the other project details from the equation. During the week, both teams will be able to understand the product vision and goals, create personas, explore features and user journeys and, review technical/business/UX components. By the end of the five days, the teams will have produced an MVP (minimum viable product).

During the lean inception workshop, a series of activities are scheduled from Monday to Friday:

We will lead you through this collaborative process to help you better understand your business goals and products before we head into the software development process together.

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