Unlocking Possibilities with Digital Banking Mobile Platform

The FinTech app brings you curated brands and experiences while helping manage your spending

Technology stack

Kotlin, Android Studio, Android SDK, Firebase (Distribution, Crashlyticis, Performance, Cloud Messaging), Circle CI/CD, Plaid, Pinwheel, Zendesk, Fastlane, Twilio Notify

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  • Kotlin
    - The programming language used for developing the Android part
  • Android Studio
    - IDE used for development
  • Android SDK
    - Set of development tools used to create the Android application
  • Firebase (Distribution, Crashlyticis, Performance, Cloud Messaging)
    - A platform that helps you build and grow an app
  • Circle CI/CD
    - Brings automation to the code
  • Plaid 
    - 3rd party library
  • Pinwheel 
    - 3rd party library
  • Zendesk 
    - Chatbot, 3rd party library
  • Fastlane
    - Used for simplified app deployment
  • Twilio Notify
    - Allows for real-time notifications

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Project duration

April 2021 - September 2022


Product Owner, Mobile Engineers, UX/UI designer, QA

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