True Wireless Stereo Company

Mobile App Development for Personalized Sound Experience

With the help of RUBICON, the True Wireless Stereo Company offers personalized sound to their users

Technology stack

Flutter, Swift, Java, Xcode/Android Studio, Packet Logger/Wireshark, Clean architecture

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  • Flutter¬†
    - An open-source UI software development kit used for creating the UI and implementing the functionalities of the mobile application
  • Swift
    - Used for developing the iOS part of the Flutter BLE plugin
  • Java¬†
    - Used for developing the Android part of the Flutter BLE plugin
  • Xcode/Android Studio
    - IDEs used for development
  • Packet Logger/Wireshark
    - Tools used for sniffing BLE traffic between iOS and Android devices and the earphones
  • Clean architecture
    - Coding principles that separate different layers of the application and enable fast and testable development

Quick facts


Northern Europe


True Wireless Stereo

Project duration

October 2021 - December 2021


Two Software engineers, QA Engineer, UX/UI Designer, Product Owner

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