Digital Marketing

Innovating the Marketing Landscape: The Digital Marketing Marketplace

RUBICON Helped the Client to Bring Innovative Solutions to the Digital Advertising Industry

Technology stack

ASP.NET Core 5, Azure Functions, Azure B2C, Azure SQL, CosmosDB, NoSQL database, Azure Storage, Adverity API, Sendbird, Sendgrid, Stripe, React, Redux, MUI, MSAL.js

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Backend Technologies

  • ASP.NET Core 5
    - Used to create backend APIs
  • Azure Functions
    - Serverless solution used to implement worker use cases and solve complex orchestration problems
  • Azure B2C
    - Identity management service for authenticating customers
  • Azure SQL
    - Main persistence database, used for platform data
  • CosmosDB
    - NoSQL database, used for storing and querying semi-structured marketing data
  • Azure Storage
    - Used to store blobs and process message queues
  • Adverity API
    - Third-party platform used for connecting, managing ads and analytics platforms data
  • Sendbird
    - In-app chat system
  • Sendgrid
    - Email service for sending platform emails and notifications
  • Stripe
    - Online Payment processing system

Frontend Technologies

  • React
    - Library used to build the Single Page Application
  • Redux
    - Preserve and manage state globally
  • MUI
    - Component library used as a design system
  • MSAL.js
    - Authentication library used in conjunction with Azure Active Directory B2C to implement the sign-in/sign-up flow
  • Sendbird
    - In-app chat system

Quick facts




Digital Marketing

Project duration

9 months


Product Owner, Solution Architect, Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, UX/UI designer, QA Engineer

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