Chemical and Consumer Goods Company

Enterprise Data Hub: Your All-in-One Data and Analytics Portal

RUBICON delivers a comprehensive and secure cloud-based solution that serves as a single entry point for data consumers, bringing together all elements of data platform and analytics needs.

Technology stack

C#, ASP.NET 7, Azure App Service, Azure AD, Azure Container Registry, Azure Functions, Azure SQL, Azure Storage Account, Strapi CMS, Angular, Azure Static Web App, TypeScript, Azure Pipelines, Terraform, Docker

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  • C#, ASP.NET 7
    - Used to implement backend API
  • Azure App Service
    - Host API and systems on Azure
  • Strapi CMS
    - Open source CMS system, used to manage Portal content
  • Azure Functions
    - Server-less solution used
  • Azure SQL
    - Main database used to persist data
  • Azure AD
    - Used to implement user authentication and Client internal accounts
  • Azure Storage Account
    - Blob storage used to persist Portal media assets
  • TypeScript, Angular
    - Used to implement Portal as single-page application (SPA) 
  • Azure Static Web App
    - Globally distributed web hosting of Portal SPA, with SSL certificates 
  • Azure Pipelines
    - Used for continuous integration and deployment pipelines
  • Terraform
    - Automation of infrastructure code, and automation of infrastructure provisioning

Quick facts


Western Europe


Consumer Goods

Project duration

January 2023 - ongoing


Product Owner, Solution Architect, Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineers, UX/UI Designer

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