Chemical & Consumer Goods Company

Advancing SCM through Real-Time Operation Analytics: A Proof of Concept Journey

RUBICON Develops a Proof of Concept (POC) for a Custom Real-Time Operation Analytics Supply Chain Management (SCM) Platform

Technology stack

C#, ASP.NET Core 3.1, Clean Architecture, CQRS, MediatR, EntityFramework Core, Dapper, xUnit, Moq, FluentAssertions, TypeScript, React, CSS, Styled-components, Mapbox GL JS, MSAL.js Microsoft, Authentication Library (MSAL), Terraform, Terragrunt, Azure Pipelines, Azure SQL Database, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Queue Storage, Azure Table Storage, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Functions, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft identity platform, Azure App Service, Azure Container Registry, Application Insights, Log Analytics.

Quick facts


Western Europe


Consumer Goods

Project duration

2.5 months


Product Owner, Solution Architect, DevOps Engineer, UX/UI Designer, Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer

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