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Case Studies

Satisfied start-ups.

We’ve worked with clients from Sarajevo to Scandinavia, in all sorts of sectors from wireless speakers to employee screening. These are just three examples of ways we’ve helped start-ups that are probably a lot like yours.



Libratone was about to release a new line of speakers. The challenge was to create an iOS app with a beautiful interface and make it easier for users to use the speakers.


RUBICON engineering team developed an iOS app & a cloud solution to enable easy communication between users and speakers. RUBICON team used functional reactive programming to maximize communication efficiency between the iOS app and the speakers.

Developing hardware products is difficult. The RUBICON team was very flexible and proactive and they made the whole process a lot easier.
- Almir Mesanovic, Libratone

Monsenso ApS


Monsenso ApS had big ambitions, but they were lacking enough developers to make their goals happen.


RUBICON provided a Scrum team, whose job was to cover as much front-end work as possible. The RUBICON team increased the speed of the project, and helped the Monsenso team to achieve the goals on their roadmap.

We have worked with RUBICON for almost a year now, and they really helped provide the quick increase in development capacity that we needed. A great team-lead resource was allocated to our team, and he took care of everything needed for the team to work efficiently.
- Stefan Rehder, Development Manager Monsenso ApS

Assessment Training

Assessment Training is a platform that helps prepare people for job assessments. Their challenge was to move from a WordPress template to a newly designed web platform tailored for Assessment Training customers.

RUBICON’s UX team developed a responsive web user interface that met customer requirements through an iterative feedback process.
We used several research and testing techniques in this project – both to pinpoint our customers’ problems and to find solutions as quickly as possible.

RUBICON's input on the UX/UI developments on our platform was outstanding. For what essentially was a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time, they delivered everything we asked for.
- Daniël Funcke, COO Assessment Training

Making Moves B.V.


Making Moves was about to launch a new product, but they were looking for validation first.

RUBICON ran a design sprint with Making Moves staff, and designed a prototype that was validated by users in the testing process.
RUBICON saved a lot of time by focusing on the minimum viable product while developing the prototype.

RUBICON did a fantastic job running the design sprint, and are true creative thinkers. They not only have the experience and knowledge but also bring a wealth of technical expertise to the table, making the process extremely efficient for us.
- Ingmar van Maurik, CEO Making Moves B.V.
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