​RUBICON and Gazzda join forces for an Augmented Reality Application

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on 07-May-2018

When you live in a small country such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, it can be very difficult to break out of the third world country stereotypes. Young entrepreneurs who originate from Bosnia are capable of great success; but most often, they need to be located in a more progressive country and start their business there. That is why it feels so good to have a great product which is a result of cooperation between two successful Bosnian companies, both in their respective fields.

In cooperation with the Gazzda furniture brand, we developed an Augmented Reality app called AR Interior Design Gazzda, which allows you to virtually place a piece of Gazzda furniture anywhere you like and see how it fits. That way, you can know beforehand how a piece of furniture will fit into the space of your choosing. You can also rotate it, change the fabric colors and order from your nearest dealership straight from the app. The app is all about making your furniture shopping experience as smooth as possible.

Gazzda is a worldwide present Bosnian furniture brand. Their products are minimalistic but warm, which perfectly coincides with their brand motto, “Coming home.” In their short lifetime of only five years, their smooth, light and natural products won no less then five Red Dot awards for design and are present in over a 100 furniture dealerships worldwide. This is not a small feat for any furniture brand, let alone one that comes from a country whose entire population could comfortably fit in half of London city.

Gazzda winner of the Red Dot award 2018: Fina sideboard

Gazzda winner of the Red Dot award 2018 ; Fina sideboard

But the Gazzda team thinks progressively and ahead of their time. They are one of the first furniture brands in the world, aside from the mighty IKEA, to recognize the potential of new technologies and their application in the furniture industry. And AR is definitely the future of furniture shopping.

The app has been available on the App store for a few months, and is now also available on the Google Play store for all Android users, and you can download it for free. You can experiment with several models, with more products to come soon. The app works on all iOS devices above the iPhone 6, all iPad Pro devices and iPads above the 5th generation. You can find a full list of Android devices which support the app here.

The app is free to download. iOS users can download it from the App store, and Android users can find it at the Google Play Store

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