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on 11-Jan-2018

Rubicon Software Development and Gazzda furniture are proud to launch an augmented reality app, AR Interior Design Gazzda, which will allow its users to place a piece of Gazzda furniture in the space of their choice. You can play around with different combinations, position the furniture based on the space available and see the full potential of your favorite rooms.

“At Gazzda, we are all about creating an awesome sense of home for people, no matter the space. Because who doesn’t want to feel at home at their workplace or in a public space too? Now, with the new Gazzda app, people get to try out what we mean with ‘awesome’ for themselves, in any space they have in mind, before needing to purchase an item. They even get to try out colors and sizes, scaled to perfection. We already see that people are excited about this new feature in our brand. And just like them, we can’t wait to kick-start it!”
- Kenny van Halderen, Founder and CCO at Gazzda

The app is simple to use and will help you decide on your best furniture fit. The technology RUBICON used is Apple’s ARKit and is following the new wave in technology when it comes to augmented reality. Once you measure your space, you can place furniture in correct scale with the room dimensions. You can change the fabric colours, according to your needs, move the furniture around, and even see the fabric texture.

“Augmented reality is an exponentially growing field of technology – and it will be extremely present in the furniture industry. We are thrilled that a Bosnian company, Gazzda, is one of the trailblazers in this area and among the first to give their clients an augmented reality experience.”  
- Adin Poprzanovic, Founder and CEO at RUBICON

Once you place everything in its rightful place, you can also share the design with your friends and family. You can find your nearest Gazzda furniture dealer from within the app and purchase the furniture you chose. Considering that Gazzda is the winner of prestigious design awards, you will be able to see several pieces of beautiful, high-quality furniture inside your home or office. Users will be able to experiment with several models, with more products to come.

How to use AR Interior Design Gazzda Application

  • Upgrade your device to iOS 11
  • Go to the Apple App Store and download the AR Interior Design Gazzda Application for free
  • Scan the area you want to place the furniture in
  • Find the product you want to experiment with
  • Choose and play with it! Turn it around until you find the perfect place for it.

Screenshots of Gazzda AR Interior Design App with instructions on how to use the app.

You can download the app here.

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